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Free Homeschool Planner

Back to School Planning

Is it back to school time already? We generally start homeschooling the day after Labor Day – mainly because that is when the local public school starts. However, that is the only thing I follow on the public school calendar. We create our own breaks. What is great is that you have so much flexibility with homeschooling. You can choose when to school and how long to school, and you can choose to change it at any given time! (At least here in Michigan you can.)

Scheduling Days Off and Holidays

So, how do you schedule your homeschool? Do you have a calendar with everything planned out or just play it by ear? Maybe a little of both?  I have all the intentions of trying to plan breaks, but when it comes right down to it, I tend to wing it. Last year we went by my oldest daughter’s college schedule for winter and spring break and we’ll likely do that again this year. And we take Fridays off. Other than that we have school everyday unless my daughter is ill. No snow days or teacher in-services. 😉 We don’t homeschool through the summer – my health tends to be worse during this time so we use it as a rest and reflect, play outside, life skills time. But learning never really ends – just because you’re not buried in a textbook doesn’t mean you’re not learning.  I’ve learned more as an adult than I ever did in school. But, I’m getting off topic here.

Keeping Records

Even if you don’t schedule every detail of your homeschooling, it is important to keep some records of what, when, where & how. Living in Michigan we don’t have any required reporting, but that could change at any time! Because it doesn’t need to be a super complicated process I’ve created a simple homeschooling planner to help you keep track of your days. And it’s free for subscribers!

This simple printer-ink-saving planner includes:

  • Daily Planner
  • Hourly Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Unit Studies
  • Field Trips
  • Supplies Needed

This planner has the all the basics needed to keep you easily organized! It’s simple layout is easy on your brain, your budget and your printer’s ink levels. 😉 (If you are interested in the entire Teacher’s Toolkit – which this is a small portion of – click here!)

I wish you the best homeschool year ever!

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