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Don’t buy inferior essential oils.

There are SO many companies that sell essential oils now, all you have to do is search amazon for something and you’ll find a bunch of products with a bunch of different prices.  Smaller companies that make things in small batches will have higher prices, but you’re more likely to find them on Etsy and I haven’t had any problems purchasing blends from a variety of small shops there. Direct sales companies prices are generally higher because the consultants earn money from customers purchases. However, if you’re getting an oil for $5 or less, chances are, it’s inferior.

Even if the product says “100% pure therapeutic oil” that doesn’t mean the entire bottle has solely essential oil in it. It could have 1% oil and 99% water (or something else) but because that 1% IS 100% pure oil, they can label it that way. This can change the way you interact with the oil or change the oil’s therapeutic value.

So, how do you know? Well, sometimes it’s trial and error and believe me, I’ve made A LOT of errors. I want the best oils for the best price, but honestly, sometimes I’ve chosen oils solely because of the price. DON’T DO THIS.

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Buying Essential Oils on Amazon

I have yet to find oils on Amazon that are under $10 and good oils. I have purchased more than I’d like to admit of inferior oils on Amazon. The prices are so tempting and they say their product is good and they have good reviews, but when I get the actual oil, it’s no good. Sometimes it’s very watered down. Sometimes it will smell “off.”

What’s a good price?

You need to shop around – and not necessarily purchasing but looking at different essential oil companies prices. I don’t purchase from direct sales companies for personal reasons, so I’ve been researching the best places to buy oils online. You can get an idea for what a certain oil’s price is. Take Rose Absolute – this is rather expensive because it takes SO MANY ROSES to make! Depending on the size bottle I’ve seen Rose Absolute prices from $48-$158. So, if you’re seeing Rose Absolute on Amazon for $8, don’t buy it.

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Quality Oils

I’m going to use Plant Therapy as an example. They clearly state on their website their goal as a company is to provide quality oils from researched resources that have been thoroughly tested.

Before we even obtain a sample of an oil, we find out everything we can about the farmer, distiller or supplier. We research the background, reputation, commitment to quality, and commitment to the industry behind each sample. Once we know everything we need to know to our satisfaction, we then move on to looking at the actual oil itself.

Our essential oils are first organoleptically tested by our certified aromatherapists before being sent to a third party testing facility. Organoleptic testing means smelling the oil from a testing strip over time – some characteristics of an oil don’t reveal themselves until the oil has been evaporating for 30 minutes or more. This also includes evaluating the color, consistency and general appearance of an oil, and comparing it to what a good quality oil should look and smell like.

And here are the customer reviews listed on Google:

You can see that Plant Therapy has a lot of satisfied customers. Always check feedback when shopping online. (I LOVE Plant Therapy, they are my first stop when purchasing oils – they have quality oils at good prices.)

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When shopping for essential oils you need to find out the following:

  • Where are the oils sourced?
  • What are the company’s quality procedures?
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • Does the company supply safety information?
  • Does the company have aromatherapists available to answer questions?

This will help ensure that you are getting top notch oils. Essential oils work best in their undiluted, natural state – undiluted meaning they didn’t add water or other liquid (outside of a carrier oil.) If the oil has been diluted with carrier oil, the company should clearly state that on the branding or in the product listing. You want to purchase from a company that cares about their integrity, their products and their customers.

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