Daily Vocabulary Building Skills Freebie
Six Weeks of Daily Vocabulary Building Skills Free Printable

Homeschooling Language Arts and Back to School Freebie!

I just released a set of 18 weeks worth of vocabulary building and spelling skills for middle school/high school grades in my TpT shop – there are 3 sets of 6 weeks sold individually and is also available to purchase all of them as a bundle at 20% off.

However, I’m giving away my first set of 6 weeks free to subscribers! It’s $4.99 in my store.

Daily Vocabulary Building Skills Printable

Daily vocabulary building skill & spelling worksheets are a no-prep (other than a dictionary/thesaurus)  easy solution to helping middle/high schoolers increase their vocab knowledge. Instead of just learning how to spell the words, these worksheets are designed for the student to learn what the word means and how to properly use it in a sentence.

Each set contains 6 weeks of words. There are four words a week and a review for the last day. There are spelling worksheets included as well. At the end of 6 weeks there is a spelling test for all the words learned within that period of time. However, feel free to use them without the spelling tests if you prefer.

There are 3 sets altogether that can be purchased individually or as a (discounted) bundle in my TpT store.


But as a back to school gift, I’m giving subscribers my entire first set free. This printable set will give you six weeks of words – there are four words per week and a review. There are spelling worksheets included and a final spelling test of all the words learned in this set. Help your student learn there is more to language than just spelling! They will get a deeper understanding of each word so if they come across it while reading or otherwise they will know what the word means and how it relates to the sentence/paragraph/story. And they will know how to properly use the word in a sentence in their own writing.

Who’s it for? Middle School and High School

I’ve listed it as grades 6-9, but if you have a high schooler that needs some extra help this will work too.

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